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Special features of XSSecure Vehicle Tracking System - VTS Device!

Discussing here multiple features of GPS based asset tracking software, School bus tracker introduced by XSSecure. Xssecure is a subsidiary of Conjoinix Technologies Pvt Ltd, a leading IT firm providing development, designing, vehicle security solution, and many more services to its clients from its head office Sector 34 Chandigarh, Punjab.

The VTS device is beneficial for - Schools/Colleges Buses, Governement Sector, Corporate Sector, Hospitals, Banking, Taxis/Cabs, Individuals. We are providing this device with live recording with CCTV Camera, IP Camera, DVR recording feature...

1. Monitor location info as below:
  • Locate time
  • Power cut-off alarm/fuel disable alarm/power disable alarm/car crash alarm/geo-fence alarm
  • Location validity/broken points report
  • Engine status/door status/shock
  • Speed monitoring
  • Fuel consumption
  • Mileage
  • Temperature
  • GPS/GSM signal
  • Direction
  • Longitude, Latitude
  • Full Address
  • Fuel consumtion
  • Distance traveled during the journey

2. Advanced monitoring as below:
  • Remotely disable fuel
  • Remotely disable power
  • Remotely reboot device
  • Remotely reset device
  • Voice monitor
  • SMS notice
  • Vehicle maintain notice
  • Fuel status in Liters

3. Alarm notice:
  • All alarms will be pop-up at the right bottom side with deep sound
  • Set unlimited receiving mobile phone number for getting alarms
  • Set unlimited email address for getting alarms

4. Geo-fence – Notification for entrance and exit of asset in different area:
  • Support various shape geo-fence:
  • Round
  • Polygon
  • Checkpoint on distance based
  • Route fence
  • Cycle Completion/Pending Alert

5. Route Play-back:
  • Replay multi-vehicle simultaneously
  • Show defined vehicle track line
  • Automatically track defined vehicle
  • Add rout to route fence

6. Map > Map Supplier:
  • Google Map (Includes street map / satellite map / hybrid map / topographic map
  • Google street view
  • Add map as client requires

7. Map > Map Tool:
  • Display any position coordinate
  • Map scale
  • Measure map distance between two points
  • Measure map polygon area
  • Navigation planning for route between start and end destination
  • Search address on map with Latitude and Longitude
  • Search location according to keyword

8. Report:
  • Detailed track report
  • Mileage report
  • Fuel consumption report
  • Speed report
  • Temperature report
  • Alarms report:-
  • SOS
  • Over-speed report
  • Main power cut off report
  • Geo-fence report:
  • Vehicle maintain historic record report
  • Vehicle SMS record report
  • User Activity Log
  • Coupon Usage Log
  • Current Running Report
  • Stoppage Report
  • Hourly Speed Report
  • Hourly Distance report
  • Trip Report
  • AC On-Off status report
  • Ignition Status report

9. Report Output View: Report can be download and view in multi format such as -
  • Report output Html file
  • Report output Word file
  • Report output Excel file

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